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As the folks at Constant Contact are fond of saying, “feeback is a gift!” We’re posting a replay of our Online Survey Webinar for anyone who is interested in surveying their clients, customers and/or employees.  So many businesses are “guessing” what their customers and employees want.  Why?  When you guess, you risk getting the answer wrong – when all you have to do is ask your customers and employees what they want and get the answer straight from the source!  Constant Contact makes it easy to build surveys with their pre-built templates, or you can start from scratch and build your own custom surveys.

Here’s what we cover in the webinar:

  • What are surveys, polls, reviews…and why should you do them?
  • How to structure your survey and how to plan “good” questions
  • When? & Who? – two important questions
  • Results and follow-up
  • Case study – American Service Alliance
  • What’s next?

Get Your FREE Trial of Constant Contact Now