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This session will demonstrate how to effectively use webinars to educate your prospective customers and establish expertise in your industry. We will review how you can utilize webinars to generate a captive audience and convert that audience to business fans. Webinars are a great way to build up email contacts, website, social media, YouTube, and other marketing channel followers.  Webinars also provide multiple opportunities to follow up with potential customers that have already expressed interest in your products or services.  The session will cover best practices in promoting the webinar prior to the event date with multiple emails as teasers for the specific material you will be covering. In addition, we’ll show you the best ways to follow up with links to a recording of the webinar and any other “special offers” that are packaged with the webinar, all while creating a sense of urgency for potential clients to take action.  Join us for an informational hour that includes an open Q & A to answer all of your questions about webinars.