Here are some telling numbers about how you and your competition are keeping in touch with your prospective clients:

  • 2% of sales close on the 1st call
  • 3% of sales close on the 2nd call
  • 4% of sales close on the 3rd call
  • 10% of sales close on the 4th call
  • 81% of sales close after the 5th call

But this is how businesses are following up:

  • 48% quit after the 1st call
  • 24% quit after the 2nd call
  • 12% quit after the 3rd call
  • 6% quit after the 4th call
  • 10% quit after the 5th call

This webinar will give you a game plan on how to follow up beyond just digital to include:

  • Sending Personal Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Follow Up Cards
  • Small Gifts
  • Using digital tools with old school methods with the ability to put pictures you take with your phone right onto greeting cards.
  • Use pictures on social media and repurpose them in cards to remain consistent with your branding and messaging